ET Enterprises is the photomultiplier and associated products business of Electron Tubes Limited, formerly EMI Electronics Electron Tubes Division. The company's manufacturing and development facilities are located in Uxbridge, which is about 30km west of London.

As a subsidiary of Ludlum Measurements Inc. (LMI), ET Enterprises distributes the ADIT range of photomultipliers outside the US.

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Latest Developments

The PDM03-9107-USB is incorporating a photomultiplier, HV power supply and signal processing electronics in an easy-to-use, rectangular, light-tight assembly.

The 9320KFLB is a compact 78mm active diameter curved window photomultiplier for use in multi-pmt optical modules for underwater neutrino telescopes.

The PDM02-9111-TTL is a compact, wide bandwith, rectangular format photon detection module with TTL output and 5V operation.

The MCS-CT3 is a new USB-driven Multi-Channel Scaler/Counter-Timer module for time-resolved TTL pulse counting applications.

The AD8 is a new wide bandwidth amplifier/discriminator which is compatible with the MCS-CT3 Multi-Channel Scaler/Counter-Timer.

A continuously expanding range of HV Bases is available to effectively enable photomultipliers to operate from low voltages.

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