ET Enterprises is the photomultiplier and associated products business of Electron Tubes Limited, formerly EMI Electronics Electron Tubes Division. The company's manufacturing and development facilities are located in Uxbridge, which is about 30km west of London.

As a subsidiary of Ludlum Measurements Inc. (LMI), ET Enterprises distributes the ADIT range of photomultipliers outside the US.

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High QE photomultipliers


New range of high QE photomultiplier tubes is available now  

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Multi Channel Analyser

The new MCA for use with 10 stage capped PMT's will be available soon

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Latest Developments

PDM9107-TTL-USB is a new dual output photon counting module. The fast counting electronics provide a USB output for direct counting and a TTL signal is provided directly from the amplifier-discriminator.

Modules for PM2.5 and PM10 Pollution Detection

We will be exhibiting our new range of products at various venues through the year

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Our new range of modules incorporating an over light detection flag is now available

The PDM02-9111-TTL is a compact, wide bandwith, rectangular format photomultiplier detector module with TTL output and 5V operation.

The PDM03-9107-USB is a rectangular photomultiplier detector module incorporating a 29mm diameter photomultiplier, HV power supply and signal processing electronics.

The PDM04-9111-USB is a compact rectangular photomultiplier detector module incorporating a 25mm diameter photomultiplier, HV power supply and signal processing electronics.

The L25D19 is a fast 25mm diameter photomultiplier for scintillation counting applications

The 9320KFLB is a compact 78mm active diameter curved window photomultiplier for use in multi-pmt optical modules for underwater neutrino telescopes.

A continuously expanding range of HV Bases is available to effectively enable photomultipliers to operate from low voltages.

USB Software

Software for use with all ET Enterprises Ltd USB modules

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