PDM9107-CP-TTL Photo-detector Module

The PDM9107-CP-TTL is a photon counting module incorporating a high sensitivity, low noise, 29mm diameter photomultiplier, a fast amplifier-discriminator, and a low power high-voltage supply. The combination of high-speed electronics and fast photomultiplier with low dark counts enables a wide dynamic range to be achieved.

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The HVLAB3000 is a new bench-top photomultiplier HV power supply which can be controlled by analogue voltage input or USB interface.

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HV Bases make photomultipliers even easier to use

A new series of HV Bases solves the problems associated with meeting the high voltage requirements of photomultipliers. A wide range is available for photomultipliers from 29mm to 130mm diameter and with postive and negative HV polarity options. The units operate from a low voltage supply and the HV is control by a 1:1000 analgue input. The main features are low noise, low pwer consumption and optomum dynamic range from the photomultiplier.

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MCS-CT3 Multi-Channel Scaler/Counter-Timer

A new, wide bandwidth, Multi-Channel Scaler/Counter-Timer for time-resolved TTL pulse counting applications such as photon counting. When used with a compatible amplifier-discriminator, such as the new AD8, and a suitable photomultiplier, it forms the basis of a wide bandwith photon counting system.

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AD8 Amplifier-Discriminator

A new, wide bandwidth, TTL output, amplifier-discriminator designed to operate with the MCS-CT3 Multi-Channel Scaler/Counter-Timer as a high performance, USB controlled, photon counting system.

The AD8 is a new, high sensitivity, wide bandwidth, amplifier/discriminator which is compatible with the MCS-CT3 Multi-Channel Scaler/Counter-Timer. When used together, the AD8 is powered from the MCS-CT3 via the USB connection and no separate power supplies are required, making it very easy to use.

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ET Enterprises secures future glass supplies for photomultiplier production

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