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Gating of photomultipliers 


Reducing Noise in photomultipliers


Basic physics and statistics of photomultipliers


Photomultipliers - Space charge effects and transit time spread


Design of photomultiplier output circuits for optimum amplitude or time response


A comparison of current measurement with photon counting in the use of photomultiplier tubes


Test parameters and general operating rules for photomultipliers


Sources of noise in photomultiplier tubes


Voltage divider design

  RP/075   An investigation of photomultiplier background
  RP/076   Determination of the multiplier gain of a photomultiplier
  RP/079   Metal ceramic photomultiplier for oil well logging
  RP/080   A Monte Carlo simulation of photomultiplier resolution
  RP/081   The determination of photomultiplier temperature coefficients for gain and spectral sensitivity using the photon counting technique
  RP/082   Effect of radioactivity in photomultipliers for sensitve instrumentation
  RP/083   Theoretical and practical considerations in the use of photomultipliers for low light level measurements
  RP/084   Integral electromagnetic shields
  RP/085   Photomultiplier voltage dividers
  RP/086   Microphony in photomultipliers
  RP/087   Photomultipliers: their importance in ATP work
  RP/089   Light sensors and detection methods for TLD
  RP/090   Optimal use of photomultipliers for chemiluminescence and bioluminescence applications
  RP/091   Absolute calibration of photomultiplier based detectors - difficulties and uncertainties
  RP/092   Photomultipliers for low background applications
  RP/093   Why photomultipliers need amplifiers
  RP/094   The use of amplifiers with photomultipliers
  RP/095   Match the detector spectral response to that of the source
  RP/096   Practical photon counting
  RP/097   Multi-channel high voltage and control system for photomultipliers
  RP/098   Fast timing with slow scintillators
  RP/099   Fast timing with inorganic scintillators
  RP/100   Photomultiplier dark current induced by the natural and cosmic ray background
  RP/101   The effect of exposure to helium on photomultiplier performance and lifetime


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