The PDM03-9107-USB is a rectangular lower cost photon counting module incorporating a high sensitivity, low noise 29mm diameter photomultiplier, fast counting electronics and a low power high-voltage supply. The combination of high-speed electronics and fast photomultiplier with low dark counts enables a wide dynamic range to be achieved. A positive polarity high-voltage supply is used for maximum count rate stability at very low light levels and the spectral range is 280-630nm.

The PDM03-9107-USB module is suitable for all applications involving photon-counting mode light detection down to single photons. The module is also very easy to use, the only additional requirement being a PC or laptop with a free USB port. There is a choice of three software configurable counting modes. HV level and data retrieval are controlled by dedicated application software, which is available to download from the website.

Download PDM03-9107-USB data sheet

Download PDM03-9107-USB software

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