The PDM9107-CP-TTL is a cylindrical format photon counting module incorporating a high sensitivity, low noise, 29mm diameter photomultiplier, a fast amplifier-discriminator, and a low power high-voltage supply. The combination of high-speed electronics and fast photomultiplier with low dark counts enables a wide dynamic range to be achieved.A positive polarity high-voltage supply is used for maximum count rate stability at very low light levels and the spectral range is 280-630nm.

The TTL oputput of the PDM9107-CP-TTL is fully compatible with the MCS-CT3 multi-channel scaler/counter timer module for use in photon counting applications with a very wide dynamic range.  The photomultiplier high-voltage and discriminator threshold level are pre-set for optimum performance, enabling photon counting operation simply by connecting to a +5V supply (which can be derived from the MCS-CT3).

  • dynamic range from about 50cps to 100 Mcps (with count rate correction)
  • 25mm diameter photosensitive input area
  • other spectral range options
  • low power consumption (approx 500mW)
  • easy to use

Download PDM9107-CP-TTL data sheet

Specification Summary



    active diameter (typical) 25mm  
    quantum efficiency at peak (typical) 28%  
    spectral range 280-630nm  

Signal Output

    TTL high level (terminated) 3.3V  
    pulse-pair resolution 25ns  
    dead time 25ns  
    output impedance 50Ω  
    dark count rate (typical, at 20°C) 100cps  
    signal count rate (with correction) max 100Mcps  


    supply voltage +5V  
    suplly current (at signal=150Mcps) 120mA  
    weight 140 g  
    temperature range (operating) +5 to +55 deg C  





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