Getting the best out of your photomultiplier:



For most photomultipliers we can offer a range of sockets including versions with or without a mounting flange, and with standard or printed circuit mounting contacts. The sockets are made of high quality insulation material with very low electrical leakage, which is essential for use with photomultipliers.
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Voltage Dividers

Every pmt needs a voltage divider to supply a series of potentials to the dynodes. The dividers can be passive, using a series of resistors, or active, based on FETs. The lowest cost option is a pcb fitted to a socket (C series), whilst for applications where an enclosed divider is required the E series is offered.
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Magnetic shielding

Mu-metal shielding is recommended to minimise the effect of external magnetic fields. For photomultipliers up to 51mm diameter, one option is to use an integral mu-metal foil wrap which ET Enterprises can supply fitted to the photomultiplier (add ‘S’ to the photomultiplier part number) for a small additional cost. For larger photomultipliers, or where a higher degree of shielding is required, we can offer thicker prefabricated mu-metal shields.
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Photomultiplier housings

These combine background light exclusion with easy mechanical coupling to the source to be measured. ET Enterprises can supply a range of photomultiplier housings which incorporates the socket, voltage divider, electrostatic and magnetic shielding, and connectors. They use high quality insulators to ensure minimal leakage current. An additional advantage is flexibility - only the removable voltage divider assembly needs to be replaced when changing to a photomultiplier with a different base configuration.

The range includes types that incorporate cooling to reduce dark current, which is particularly beneficial when using red sensitive photomultipliers. Critical in the design of cooled housings is the need to protect against moisture.
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HV Bench-top power supplies

These are compact mains voltage driven units designed to provide low noise and high stability HV to get the best out of your photomultiplier application.  They have dual polarity HV output and incorporate auxilliary LV supplies for the ET Enterprises’ range of electronics modules (see below). Other features include remote analogue and USB control of HV setting.
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HV Bases

Base assemblies for photomultipliers incorporating a voltage divider and HV power supply integrated into a compact plug-in unit operating from low voltage. This is a cost effective solution where a complete photomultiplier housing is not necessary.

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Photon Counting Electronics

For photon counting applications - normally used in conjunction with a photomultiplier housing and a bench-top HV supply , or a photomultiplier and HV Base combination. ET Enterprises offers high sensitivity low noise amplifier discriminator and counter timer modules. When used with fast photomultipliers a dynamic detection range of 10^7, or higher, can be achieved.
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Gating circuits

For applications where the light reaching the input window of the photomultiplier can be high for a short period before the actual measurement, a gating circuit can be incorporated into a 51 mm photomultiplier housing so that the photomultiplier can be switched on or off using a gating pulse.
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A range of cables for interconnecting photomultiplier housings, electronics modules, LV and HV power supplies, and computer ports.
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