A1 amplifier module

For ease of use and flexibility in laboratory, prototyping, and bench top situations, ET Enterprises offers a stand-alone, inverting, FET input transimpedance amplifier. It is mounted in a small metal case with convenient BNC connectors for input and output.

A rotary switch enables the selection of four current-to- voltage conversion-gain ranges. The power requirements are +15 V and -15 V at 100 mA.

For high bandwidth amplification it is recommended that the cable length between the photomultiplier anode and amplifier input is kept to a minimum; this is to reduce noise.


Range mV/uA Rise Time Bandwidth
A 1 20 ns 17.5 MHz
B 10 200 ns 1.45 MHz
C 100 2 µs 175 kHz
D 1000 20 µs 17.5 kHz
noise 1 mV p-p (range D)  
output 10 V max into 1 kΩ  
  5 V max into 50 Ω  
+15 V at 100 mA
-15 V at 100 mA

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