The MCS-CT3 counter timer module is suitable for counting all sources of TTL pulses especially from the ET Enterprises AD8 amplifier/discriminator. 

  • 150 MHz capability
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • channel widths from 200us to 999hr
  • trigger input for synchronous counting
  • software can be customised by user
  • labVIEW virtual instrument software included


The following operating modes are available with the software application provided:

  • continuous readings
  • fixed number of readings
  • fixed run-time
  • simultaneous operation of two counters
  • automatic plateau plots (when using HV control interface)
  • external trigger option to start and stop measurements

Software and User Manual

The MCS-CT3 combines two indepenent software applications both of which have sufficient functionality to enable operation as a self-contained counter timer, or a photon counting system when combined with an ET Enterprises AD8 amplifier/discriminator and detector.

The software, source code, user manual, and programming guides may be downloaded from:

Download MCS-CT3 software

Download MCS-CT3 manual

Download MCS-CT3 data sheet


A USB cable is included, which caries the data from the MCS-CT3 and provides power.

A cable LEADAD8MCS-CT3 is available to provide power for an AD8 amplifier/discriminator.

TTL input is via a BNC connector



Power Input/Output

    voltage input +5V (from USB connection)  
    current input 15mA (MCS-CT3 only)  
    power output (for AD8) +5v (2.1 mm power socket)  

Signal Input

    connector BNC socket  
    levels TTL logic  

Timing Characteristics

    minimum pulse width 1.7ns  
    pulse pair resolution 1.7ns  
    count rate up to 200MHz  
    channel width 0.2ms to 999hr  
    dead time between channels none  
    number of channels 1 to 65535, or continuous  

User interfaces

    USB type USB 2.0 or higher  
    USB connector micro USB type AB  
    trigger input TTL logic  
    out 1 TTL; source or sink, 20 mA  
    out 2 TTL; source or sink, 20 mA  


    weight 140 g  



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