HV Power Supplies

Every photomultiplier (pmt) application requires a high voltage supply and a means of distributing this voltage between the cathode, dynodes and anode of the photomultipier. Typically, the operating voltage is in the range 500 to 1500V, and the voltage distribution is achieved by resistive (sometimes called passive) voltage dividers. For applications involving fairly large signals, active (transistorised) dividers are often used.

As far as a separate HV supply is concerned, there is a choice between a mains voltage powered bench-top supply, which is particulalrly suitable for development use in laboratory environments, or a low voltage dc powered modular supply which are mainly used by equipment manufacturers.

A third option is to use an HV Base which is a pmt socket assembly incorporating an internally generated high voltage supply from an external low voltage source. These are similar in operation to the modular power supplies except that they don't require a separate voltage divider. They are suitable for all applications although they are mainly used by equipment manufacturers.

Regardless of the application, all of the high voltage supply options offered by ET Enterprises are very competitive and designed to get optimum performance from the photomultiplier with a minimum of effort.    

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