HVLAB3000 Bench-top HV Supply


The HVLAB3000 is a programmable 3000V high stability, dc power supply designed for use with photomultipliers in laboratory and general research applications. It is can also be used in other applications where a similar specification power supply is required.

The output voltage can be set using three different methods:manually, using a ten-turn precision front-mounted potentiometer, digitally via a USB port, or using an analogue control input. The USB control option is available as part of the standard HVLAB3000 software for the unit and is compatible with the ET Enterprises MCS-CT3 multi-channel scaler when used in photomultiplier photon counting systems. The software also allows two HVLAB3000 supplies to be controlled from one application.  

  • HV range 100-3000V at up to 3mA (9W)
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • analogue or digital voltage control
  • user selectable HV polarity
  • small footprint
  • overload protected

Software and User Manual

The MCS-CT3 software is required for USB mode operation but not for analogue voltage control.

The data sheet, software and full user manual may be downloaded from:

Download HVLAB3000 software

Download HVLAB3000 manual

Download HVLAB3000 data sheet


A USB cable and a mains supply power cable are included.

A cable, part number LEADMHVSHV-100cm, is available to connect to a photomultiplier housing from the ETEL range.

Specification Summary



    input voltage 100-240V(50-60Hz)  
    input power 46VA  
    analogue control input 0-3V  


    output voltage (+ or -) 100-3000V  
    output current 0-3mA  
    output ripple (full load) 0.02% of full scale  
    voltage set precision (manual) 1V  
    voltage set precision (software) 1V  
    voltage regulation 0.001%  
    auxiliary output voltage 1 +/-5V  
    auxiliary output voltage 2 +/-12V  


    temperature (operating) 0 to+40°C  
    weight 1.54kg  





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